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September 18, 2015

How to Install Metal Security Fencing

quickrete fencing cementBefore installing your metal fencing there’s a few things you need to do. First, check your local fence codes, have your utilities marked, measure and plan the fence area, clear a fence path of any obstructions, reserve your tool rental if you need to, buy Quikrete (best to just search on Google shopping for this) and have it delivered if you need it, unpack material and take inventory.
Next we’re going to cover the tools and materials you will need. First you’re going to need a post hole digger, a shovel, a level, hacksaw, tape measure, electric screwdriver, hammer, string line, wheel barrel, Quikrete, ground stakes and gravel.

When it comes to digging your holes there’s two options. One is the common post hole digger that you can manually use to dig your holes. It gets the job done but requires a lot of labor. The second is to go to one your home improvement or rental location and rent a gas powered auger. This will speed up your process and save a lot of manual labor.
The first step in assembling your aluminum fence is determining corner and end post location and running stake and string lines for each run. Determine your corner post and end post locations then drive stakes into the ground a few feet beyond that point so the string lines can cross making a 90 degree angle. Run a tight string line between the stakes to mark the fence line. The stakes should be tall enough so the string does not touch the ground.

The second step of the aluminum fence install is setting the end corner and gate posts. Dig your holes at least 6 inches in diameter and 2 feet deep depending on size of post. Scoop loose dirt out of the hole and measure to check depth. If too shallow, keep digging. If too deep, add some loose gravel. Set post in hole and measure to assure proper depth.
Another great Fence Depot installation tip is to utilize a self-tapping screw partially screwed in at the bottom of your fence post. Once in the hole, it will allow the concrete to adhere to it and it will keep your post from being able to be raised during freezing and thawing areas or wet conditions and keep your fence perfectly level.

Go ahead and mix your concrete in a wheel barrel. We only use Quikrete brand that already has the sand and gravel included. All you need to do is add the water. You will need approximately 60 pounds per post hole depending on the size that you dig and the size of the post ordered. Mix it on the dry side so your post will stand by themselves as it dries.
Next, shovel your mixed concrete around your posts. Fill to 4 inches below the ground level, pack the excavated dirt tight around the post. This will help keep your post from moving. Make sure the post is plum against the string line and check for levelness.

The next step once you have your corner post installed is to install line posts and attach sections. Start at an end corner or gate post and dig three holes in the direction of your fence line. Hole should be dug 71-1/4 inches apart on center for 2 inch posts in 6 foot wide sections. This number will change if you’re using a larger post and/or 8 foot wide fence sections.
The next step is to slide a fence section into the starting end corner or gate post. Then slide a line post on the opposite side. Then concrete the line post in the ground following the same steps as before of making sure it’s level and plum with the line.

Repeat this procedure down your fence run, installing section, line post, section, line post. Don’t forget to secure each section with a self-tapping screw provided by the manufacturer. Another helpful hint and tip is to install aluminum fence section at least 2 inches off the ground. This will allow you to trim under the bottom of the fence without damage and assure easy lawn maintenance.

During most installations there will be a fence line that will not fit a full section of fence and it will need to be cut. This is a simple task and can be accomplished with a hacksaw. Make sure you measure twice and cut once. A section can always be trimmed down but cannot be extended to fit.

September 15, 2015

Trying to find roofers is a pain

roofing companies dont answer the phoneI got a leak! A big leak!
well it wasn’t as big as in the picture but if you’d have heard the wifes description of it…..

Last week we had some pretty hiddeous rain down in Sussex and the porch started leaking. I mean really running down the walls type leaking so we needed it sorted fast.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to get a roofer out to do a repair but if you have I’m pretty sure you had more luck with it than I did. As soon as we saw the water I was on the internet and phoning round to get someone to take a look. I was pretty sure it was the flashing as I could see issues with it so looked like a straight forward job to me.

First phone call I got an answerphone.

Second call just rang and rang.

Third another answerphone so thought I’d leave a message.

Fourth company the lady said they were busy for three weeks. At least I’ve spoken to someone now though!!!

This went on and on for I don’t know how many calls and probably the 10th company I phoned said they could get round tomorrow to take a look. They couldn’t promise they would be able to fix it before the weekend (3 days away) but at least a human being was coming to look at my roof at last!

So the moral of this story from a business point of view, there always has to be a business view after all!

Go into roofing as a tradesman. They are all massively busy and seem to be booked up for weeks at a time. The ones I left a message for (3 I think) nnever got back to me at all so I’m assuming they were too busy to even quote! Got to be a money maker getting into the roofing business I’m sure.

If you live in Sussex (specifically near Brighton) and want a good roofer these were the guys I finally managed to get round to fix it.

August 07, 2015

E Juice, Flavours & Recipies – YUM!

e juice recipe breakdownI have been a smoker since I was 18 years old and gave up around 35. I quit using the old patches and chewing gum method but these days it’s all about converting to the e cigarettes and low nicotine content e juice.

My son recently started “vaping” as they call it now and came home with an e cigarette with loads of different flavour e juices that he could use to fill it up with. On closer inspection and after trying the odd puff or two myself I thought I have a go at making some e juice flavours for him using e juice recipies I found on the internet. Basically an e juice liquid is just water and oils etc mixed up and put in the e cig which is basiaclly a burner. How hard can it be.

So I trawled You Tube to find some e juice recipies of which there are literally 1000’s of videos out there.
This one semeed to be the most viewed and he makes e juice out of pretty much anything you can find in your cupboard. It’s really easy.

Basically e juice flavours are mainly glycerine and water mixed with what you want to taste. As long as it’s in a liquid form you can use any number of food flavourings you will find in the kitchen cupboard. Just get a syringe for adding the flavourings as you really dont need much and overdoing it will make the e juice taste too strong and a bit overpowering on the tongue as we found out on our first attempt! We tried some cucumber essence (no idea why we had that in the cupboard) and put about 4 drops in which was way too much.

So once you have purchased your e cigarette juice for the first few times and know what flavours of e juice you like you can look at making them yourself. The only cost then is your batteries for the e cig and your costs of smoking or vaping as my son calls it will be more than halved. Good luck!

July 22, 2015

A Great Business For Youngsters

man removing car door dentMy youngest is about to leave college and is deciding whether to get into uni or just learn a trade and get into work as soon as possible. Running my own business I decided to impart some advice having gone the whole college and uni route and ending up running a company anyway.

I read in a car magazine the other day about a franchise that a young guy had started in the dent repair industry, mainly working with car dealers to tidy up cars with dents before sale and increase their value. Instead of charging a set rate for each ding he removed he worked went round each car dealer and said he’d take a cut of the cars profits when sold assuming they could sell the car for more money as it was without any dents.

Not that might sound like a gamble to most but he was getting more than double to normal going rate for not charging up front and for taking more car to make sure the cars looked spotless. So I imparted this information to my son who immediately went onto YouTube and found out how to remove dents from car doors and bodywork and what equipment would be needed to start a little local business up.

Within a few days he’d learned the skills, had all the kit and was asking me (being in the web design business) to get a website and some marketing done for him to see if he could make a go of it. Well after a quick round of Google Adwords marketing to a very basic website about dent repairs he had done 5 jobs in his first week and made just over £400. Not too shabby when you think the costs of the job are virtually £0 as it’s just the petrol to get to the car your fixing the dent on. He said if he could find someone to give him jobs all day long he’d happily pay £20 each time the phone rang.

The Adwords costs were negligible at about £60 for the week so that got me thinking. I decided to setup a website covering the whole of the UK for Dent repair and mix my boys business with the franchise model but just get all the existing dent repair companies out there to do the work for me. Hey presto The Mobile Car Repair Company was born. All I’m doing is charging £10 for each lead that I get for dent repairs and other car repair work and the garages are loving it! I’ve not dabbled too much in Adwords yet but will see how it pans out with local rankings on Google before I throw a load of hard earned cash at the project. Watch this space. Next year Rodney we’ll all be Millionaires!

July 15, 2015

The Rehab Of A Business Owner

Well hello there and welcome to rehab.

This is the ramblings of a man who owns a business. Not just any business however. A large SEO business that earns him a 6 figure salary every year. If you want to learn how to do SEO well you should be following the teachings of the small company they call Google!

Why I hear you cry! Well because for the last 10 years I’ve been in SEO rehab. That’s basically when Google changes the algorithm so much that your head explodes and you just cant take it any more. 🙂

Seriously however I’m intending to post some cool content here from sites I find all over the web so keep up to date with what we’re doing and follow me on our journey of discovering everyday stuff!

By the way if you come across videos like this on your journey through SEO please RUN! 🙂